Le Clocher

 A picture I created with Blender. It makes part of the series Points de Lumière.
 I first wanted with this picture to paint a scene, with a bell tower surronding a city, with plenty of little houses… And therefore I've done this room. A golden room with those street lamps. It's hardly a room, after all, we can't see it in the picture, but there is no roof. And the ground is not very practical to walk on it. There is some kind of mystery going on with this scene, those square, fat cobblestones on the ground, the lamps, the bricks, all those elements are telling us that we are in a city, but this clock seems more like a home clock… Or I don't know what it seems more of—because we don't meet very frequently a four-headed clock in a house… And the yellow light under the door… Even myself don't know the story behind this picture.