Indefinite Piano

 A picture I made with Blender using effects from G'MIC.
 A few days ago, I dreamed (not really) of a strange piano, stretching to the infinity (maybe I played too much…).

 I was in this immense room with this piano. I couldn’t see the beginning nor the end of it, I had no landmark. When I looked at the instrument closer, I noticed the keys weren’t exactly right shaped compared to a standard piano. I pushed a key, and I didn’t hear anything, then I pushed very hard many keys at the same time, and nothing. I thought I was in the treble part, and that I couldn’t hear the sounds because they were too high. So I ran to the left, I ran about a minute, and when I was exhausted, I pushed a key. And it was… very high. So I began my glissando. Running and playing at the same time, I’ve never done that. At least not over such a long period.
 After a long time, I found the ‘regular’ piano part. And I played very long.