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About Barry Cap

Barry Cap (Barthélemy C. A. Perez, sometimes called by his initials BCAP) is a French graphic designer, musician (mostly electronic) and artist in sorts of ways.

About this site

I coded this site myself. I learned how to code with tutorials on MDN Web Docs and W3Schools and forums on Stack Overflow.
Current version: 1.6+1195.

About this font

Future Menu Brown preview Future Menu Brown rst ligature

I build the typography of this site (Future Menu Brown) with FontForge, since april 2020. It covers a large set of characters with this geometric minimalist aspect inspired by the Bauhaus movement, and more precisely, by the works of Paul Renner and designers from Lineto.

If you have any questions or any requests to ask, you can contact me with the form below.

I’ve always been passionate about art. All sorts of art. Since I first saw that humans could create things, I fell in love with the only thing I could ever fall in love with: Art. This magical thing we all call ‘art’ is my only reason for living.

I remember when I was a kid, my teacher told me that I could never pass middle school, and now that I think about it, I realize that maybe I shouldn’t have passed it. After middle school, there was high school—and it was the most horrible thing I encountered in my short life.

In the past two years I have been sorely lacking in time, frustrated in my creations. Too much homework. Too much pain. Too many projects I launched without having enough time. Not enough time. Not enough time… When I repeat this in my head, I notice that it always was a fear. Not having enough time…

Some people often tell me this: Are you really interested in art? Because every time we suggest you go to museums, read magazines, take a look at what today’s art looks like, you’re telling us that you’re not interested. And I tell them that I’m not interested in this kind of art, generally the most famous type—seen and reviewed.

I want to explore art. I want to discover and even create my own sorts of art. I want to show to the world that art isn’t just painting or piano covers. I want to create something different. Something new in this old world.

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