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This is a 3D object generator project I made with Archibald Perez. It works using the Wavefront OBJ language. Vertices are first placed randomly within a cube, they are then randomly linked to form triangular faces. A random color filter is finally applied to the page.

Torus preview Frozen Torus preview
Flower logo

I recently discovered a new artistic concept: virtual sculpture. I made a 3D central perspective flower with Blender. The page generally takes quite a long time to load—you may not see it, but it’s 990,740 faces to form those curves.

Click on the button above to change the theme (experimental feature).

Le Clocher preview Click Me 2 preview

A CSS etude I made: Click Me 2. All you have to do is to click the button. It’s just as easy as you could have thought.


Is this a game? Is this art? Click on the image above to discover the answers (and take the time to find what’s the big deal).


Cycles Rendering Settings Tests. A chart that shows the Blender render time compared to the tile size setting.