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I often tried to make video games, and games in general. I'm learning JavaScript to code games.

DotFight icon

DotFight is an infinite 2D video game I made with programming help from Archibald Perez. You can check the GitHub page, were you can read more about the project and download the game here.

Click Me 3 preview

The third episode from my microgame series Click Me (the second is in Random page). In this one, you have to search among 420 buttons for the good one, that will change other button's behavior randomly. You'll know that you've won when… well, it will be written.

Time Menu

A Ren'Py visual novel project I work on since 2019: Time. It's a really big project that I recently took out of the grave. It's been almost a year since I stoped working on it. And now, I added new 3D graphics, followed the original story… The game will be sort of a mash-up of all the art that I produce: Video Game obviously, Image, Music and Sound, Video… and others.

Click Me preview

A JavaScript microgame I made: Click Me. All you have to do is to click the button. It's just not as easy as you could have thought.

Box preview

A small JavaScript two-player game I made recently: Box. The aim is to touch the opponent with the cursor while he tries to avoid being catch by moving with arrow keys. When the white disc turns red, the player (who is controlling the cursor) wins.

Copycat Jungle main screen Copycat Jungle gameplay

A game design for Terry Cavanagh's video game Copycat: Copycat Jungle. I changed all the textures (images) of the game (except backgrounds and fill colors and position of elements).